Acute complications

While long-term complications need years to develop, acute complications develop quickly, sometimes within hours, and can be life-threatening in the absence of proper treatment. Fortunately, they can go away as quickly if you know what to do and how to take special precautions against them.

Acute or short-term complications occur due to mismatching of available insulin and need. That is, when either too much or too little diabetes medication has been taken. This results in uncontrolled high or extremely low sugar levels that require immediate medical attention. The emergencies include: Hypoglycemia, Diabetic ketoacidosis, Hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketonic coma.

It is essential for diabetics to be aware of acute diabetes complications, which can arise at any time in the course of the disease to ensure that the first symptoms are spotted before they develop into emergency. Basic principles of preventing complications from occurring first of all are taking the prescribed medications, monitoring blood sugar regularly, following a healthy eating plan and exercising sensibly.