Cardiovascular Diseases

The relatedness of cardiac ailments and diabetes have long been proven. Based on the figures claimed by the American Heart Association, the reason of death of 65% of diabetics is a heart affliction. A stroke kills 16% of humans with this affliction. The probability of evolving issues with cardiac system doubles or even gets four times higher in people having this malady in comparison with those, who do not have it.

What may trigger cardiovascular problems in diabetics?
Evolving of type 2 diabetes and troubles with heart have a few reasons in common:

  • Excessive amount of harmful cholesterol. It clogs blood vessels and is the main reason of atherosclerosis. The illness is caused by unhealthy food.
  • Excessive weight. Being the core reason of type 2 diabetes, it also enhances the load on heart thus raising the likelihood of cardiovascular illnesses appearance.
  • Shortage of movement contributes to gaining weight and affects the appearance of diabetes intensified by heart diseases.
  •  Lack of control of blood glucose. Durable high indexes of blood sugar levels harm the blood vessels. That is why it is vital to sustain it within the norm.

Why are diabetics in danger?
Elevated blood glucose levels may impose serious blood vessel damage. The longer a person does not know about his diabetes, the more severe the problem may be.

The blood vessels lack elasticity when affected by high blood glucose. Hence, they cannot work properly and start storing fat, which induces atherosclerosis. As the lumen of the blood vessels becomes thinner, appears hypertension (high blood pressure). If not properly treated, this state may lead to a heart attack or a stroke.

Furthermore, some other diabetic heart disease may develop on the background of diabetes. Atherosclerosis provoked by alterations in the blood vessels may add to the progress of myocardial ischemia. Very often the manifestations of this disease stay unnoticed in the humans with diabetes mellitus. Consequently, the chances for successful treatment diminish.

On the basis of atherosclerosis, myocardial ischemia, hypertension and increased levels of blood glucose, one may get diabetic cardiomyopathy. This condition may be treated by controlling your blood sugar and monitoring blood pressure. Besides, regulating your cholesterol level to prevent atherosclerosis, you have all chances to avoid or at least smooth the signs of the ailment.

Is it possible to prevent diabetes and the attached cardiovascular disorders?
Even if you are genetically predisposed to both diseases, there is always a way to minimize the probability of their evolving. To do this you have to follow several pieces of advice:

  • Control your weight. Obesity can cause both type 2 diabetes and issues with heart and vessels.
  • Keep a healthy diet. The word “diet” doesn’t mean you have to starve. It means that your food should be rich in vitamins and minerals and contain minimum or no “bad” cholesterol.
  • Be active. While staying physically active, you give your heart the workout necessary for its normal work. Even long walks or working in the garden will significantly improve your condition.
  • Sustain your blood pressure within the norm. These simple measures will help you to notice the trouble when it only begins and give you the possibility to start treatment promptly.
  • Maintain blood glucose at the targeted level. This way you may minimize the vessels’ destruction.
  • Do not smoke. Nicotinic acid is a known enemy of cardiac system. Besides, it may induce type 2 diabetes progress.

To sum it all up, we should admit that though the risks of evolving cardiac maladies are higher for diabetics, it doesn’t mean you cannot avoid them. Nevertheless, avoid experiments and change your way of life striving to health.

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