Chronic complications

The most dangerous complications of Diabetes are nerve damage, vision problems, kidney failure and blood vessel disease. No less serious complication is foot infection, which due to poor circulation turns small foot sores into ulcers and leads to limb amputation.

Additionally, there are some other types of complications many people are unaware of. For example, depression that seems to accompany diabetes all the time.  Or, gastroparesis, where it takes too long for the stomach to empty its contents due to the vagus nerve damage.  Both of these complications make managing diabetes even harder, creating a vicious circle.

Moreover, diabetes doesn’t just affect the body, it also attacks the brain. A recent study found that due to restricted circulation and creating too much inflammation, diabetes can shrink the brain by 15%, affecting the persons’ ability to talk, handle tasks, make decisions and remember things.

Please, learn more about each particular Diabetes chronic complication:


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