Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease, which treatment needs total rearrangement of life priorities. People, who are diagnosed with this ailment have to change their lives once and for all. A well-balanced healthy diet, physical activity and taking medications should become a daily routine.

But what if one doesn’t want to change anything? What will happen to him? Does he have any chances for a long and happy life?

Unfortunately, if left untreated, diabetes will definitely provoke complications. They may be either chronic or acute. The first develop gradually within the first five-ten years of sickness. Such complications usually affect all systems and organs including eyes, kidneys, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Besides, there is a high risk of gangrene of the lower extremities in a long-term prognosis. All these happen because of the damage of the blood vessels caused by high blood sugar levels.

Speaking about acute complications, one should know that they may be life threatening. Usually, the reason of their appearance is lack of control of the blood sugar levels. The patient may fall into a coma when experiencing acute diabetes complications.

Only you choose whether to change your lifestyle or not. Nevertheless, you have to clearly understand what life you may have if neglect diabetes treatment.

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