Eye Disease

Diabetic eye diseases are a separate kind of eye afflictions affecting diabetics. To this group belong such maladies as

  • Diabetic retinopathy, which evolves because of damaged blood vessels of retina. It is a part of the organ, which detects light. This illness is the most frequently met reason of vision loss in diabetics;
  • Glaucoma. The probability of evolving this ailment in individuals with diabetes is twice higher than in other humans. The characteristic feature of this disorder is optic nerve destruction;
  • Diabetic macular edema evolves when a special liquid called edema hoards in the macula (area of retina). It lowers visual acuity thus worsening the eyesight. The affliction mainly evolves along with diabetic retinopathy;
  • Cataracts. The illness shows itself by clouding of the eye lenses. Diabetics are several times more predisposed to this issue compared to healthy people.

Which of diabetic eye diseases appears more often?
Individuals who have diabetes are primarily diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. The insidiousness of the disease is that it may display no signs until the vision loss occurs.

The illness has four stages, which change as the affliction progresses. A person cannot notice any changes during the first and the second stage of the disease. The only exception is the concomitant appearance of diabetic macular edema. Its early appearance may be a sign of some more serious changes. If a person seeks for medical help at this stage, there are good chances for successful treatment.

The most serious stage of the disorder is when the retina is covered with newly grown blood vessels. This process is known as proliferation of the blood vessels. They are very fragile; hence, multiple bleedings may appear inside the eye influencing the person’s eyesight.

Ways of diabetic eye problems treatment?
The therapy of eye issues may be of several kinds. Laser surgery is a perfect choice for curing diabetic retinopathy. This operation may save you from poor eyesight and blindness. The probability of positive prognosis is 60%.

Diabetic macular edema can successfully be cured with the help of laser surgery. The leaking vessels will be sealed during the procedure.

Glaucoma has several ways of therapy, depending on its severity. At earlier stages one may use eye drops and pills. If the illness has progressed, the doctor may offer laser or traditional surgery.

Cataract may be cured only with the help of surgery. Nevertheless, it may be postponed for years, as cataracts need to get to a certain stage.

What can be done to prevent poor eyesight?
People with diabetes will sooner or later evolve one of these issues. Anyway, you can delay their appearance by timely diagnostics. Besides, you have to control blood sugar levels.

Diabetics should visit eye specialists at least once a year to be able to find the problem at its initial stage and stop or at least slow down its progress. The sooner you start the therapy the higher are your chances to save your eyesight. Even surgery won’t be able to restore your vision if you’ve lost the time and the malady progressed.

In addition, you may help your eyes to stay healthy longer if you properly maintain your diabetes. Diet, physical exercises and, if needed, medicament therapy can greatly improve your health.

Unfortunately, progressing poor eyesight is unavoidable for diabetics. Vision disturbances will appear. Possibly even earlier than you could have expected. Nevertheless, it is within your power to maintain comparatively good vision even after years of suffering diabetes.

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