Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Early detection of type 2 diabetes makes it much easier to maintain your body in a good health condition. That`s why it is vitally important to know the symptoms of the affiliation. Some of them are the same as the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Nevertheless, as the disorder develops gradually and for a long-time period, some patients may not notice these signs.

Things that signal about type 2 diabetes

  • Frequent urination. Because of the increased levels of sugar in blood the kidneys cannot cope with its amount and have to excrete more sugar. Hence, the quantity of urine grows leading to this symptom. Normally one should urinate about 7-10 times a day.
  • Increased thirst. As your body needs to produce more urine the cells may lack moisture. This results in growing need of drinking.
  • Feeling hungry. Type 2 diabetes means that your body cells cannot absorb glucose from the blood flow and, consequently, get energy. That`s why diabetic people feel hungry even if they have recently had a meal.
  • Sudden weight loss. Lack of sugar, which is supposed to give energy to the cells, makes your organism look for some other sources. So, you start losing weight because the body burns the fat to get the needed power. This condition may be really dangerous as it may lead to ketoacidosis, which in some cases may be even fatal.
  • Yeast infections. Sweet environment is favorable for the development of yeasts. They grow in wet and warm skin areas, so sweat is a perfect couple for yeasts. The infection may develop between the fingers, under the breasts (in women) and in the area of genitals.
  • Slow healing of wounds. High concentration of sugar damages the nerve endings thus slowing the process of healing.
  • Fatigue. Lack of energy exhausts your body. That’s why you may feel constantly tired.
  • Numbness or painful sensations in legs may also be the symptom of this hideous malady.
  • Patches, which look like bruisers on the skin. These are called acanthosis nigricans. Appearance of such patches manifests type 2 diabetes.
  • Dry and peeling skin. Frequent visiting of toilet and lack of water consumption cause dehydration. This state influences the condition of the skin and hair.
  • Problems with vision (blurred vision). The apple of the eye may also suffer from decreased amount of moisture in the body. The result of it is worsening of eyesight.

In case you notice any of the enumerated symptoms, consult your healthcare provider and pass a blood sugar test. Only this will confirm or deny the diagnosis. Never postpone vising your doctor: the sooner you learn about the problem, the better results you may achieve in maintaining your proper health condition.

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