Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Blood Sugar

Blood sugar is something we seldom pay attention to until it starts causing inconvenience or even constitutes a menace to our life. Those who suffer from diabetes know how difficult it is to control sugar levels and how much effort is needed to stabilize it. The amount of sugar in the blood is measured in mmol/L and depends on whether a patient has diabetes (and which type of it) or not. For healthy people, the level of blood sugar ranges from 4 to 7.8 after having meals. Diabetic people have the same lower border – 4 mmol/L, which might rise to 8.5 for diabetes type 2 and 9.0 for diabetes type 1 after eating. When fasting, the maximum sugar level is 7 for diabetic patients and 5.9 for healthy people.

Dangerous Habits
Diabetes requires changing the daily routine, but it is better to take into account the influence of bad habits before there are any serious consequences. As a rule, blood sugar is sabotaged by food we consume. However, there are some tightly connected habits which might worsen our state.

  • Lack of sleep. If you cannot devote enough time to having enough rest that means you have a high risk of heart diseases, sleeping apnea, gaining weight, etc. When you lack sleep, there is a disorder of glucose control and the hormones which start acting in a wrong way making you feel hungry. Finally, it can result in diabetes or, if you already suffer from it, crucial worsening of your state. It is necessary to sleep at least six hours a day and have sufficient rest from time to time.
  • Smoking. It is clear that the habit is bad, an nicotine is the one to blame for heart diseases, lung cancer, pneumonia, blood pressure conditions etc. According to the statistics, smokers have a 30% higher risk of diabetes type 2 development, while diabetics may dramatically deteriorate their current symptoms and develop complications like neuropathy, heart attack, kidney diseases. Thus, the only thing to avoid such consequences is to quit smoking.
  • Poor oral hygiene. Since childhood, we are told that it’s important to visit a dentist on time and brush teeth on a regular basis, otherwise, there is a risk of teeth loss. However, the issue is much more pressing for those with high sugar levels, as gum disease in diabetics is a terribly frequent occasion.
  • Being a couch potato. In case you don’t have enough physical activity, you can’t fight diabetes effectively as your vessels can’t recover. Also, exercises reduce resistance to body insulin.

Enemies among Food and Drinks
Nowadays, it is hard to find an appropriate and healthy diet as there are lots of hidden dangers in food and drinks. There are different eating rules for different patients, but there are some common habits which should be kept to by both diabetics and those who want to avoid the disease.

  • Snacks. They usually refer to junk food and keep us from eating a sufficient amount of vitamins and proteins. It’s not only a risk of obesity but the danger of an extreme rise in blood sugar. When you try to keep track of saturated fats consumption, snacks perplex the process as you mainly don’t even notice a bagel or two. To get rid of snacks in the ration, you shouldn’t skip breakfast and do your best to make up a healthy menu for all the substantial meals.
  • Caffeine. Now not only coffee but energy drinks, teas and even soda might contain it. And all of the products are prohibited for diabetics. It is better to cut them down to avoid the state. In addition, caffeine can cause sleeping problems.
  • Fruits. While it is considered to be exclusively healthy food for most people, diabetics must be careful not to choose the sweet ones. For example, star fruit, blackberries, avocado, and peach make a good choice, while banana and orange might increase blood glucose levels.

There are lots of people who suffer from diabetes but it is possible to control your state in case you consult a doctor and follow his/her advice. However, it is better to be on alert and prevent the illness in the first place.

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